About us

Blondeau & Cie deals in painting, drawing and sculpture from 1820 to the present day. Our independent position allows us to guide and assist our clientele in acquisitions at auction, from international art galleries and private collections. Through our knowledge, experience and networks in the art market, we can propose works of art to collectors and institutions mainly from private sources.

Our business was initiated in 1987 by Marc Blondeau, former chairman of Sotheby’s France, in Paris. Marc Blondeau was the first expert to develop the trade of art advisory, and to put his extensive knowledge of fine art and his experience in-depth of the international art market, at the service of art collectors. Marc Blondeau moved to Geneva in 2000, where Philippe Davet, now partner, joined him in the expansion of our office and gallery activities.

In our exhibition space at 5 rue de la Muse in the heart of the Quartier des Bains in Geneva, we share our views on Contemporary and Emerging Art. We curate and present three to five exhibitions a year, group or solo, sometimes jointly with other international galleries, with the ambition of showing the utmost of contemporary creation. We have conceived solo exhibitions of reference on contemporary artists such as Adel Abdessemed, Louise Lawler, Sol Lewitt, Jonathan Monk, Raymond Pettibon, Jim Shaw, Martin Szekely, Alessandro Twombly…
Blondeau & Cie participates regularly to Art Basel, Basel.

Blondeau & Cie’s offices are situated in the premises of an early 20th century factory building. The offices harbour an extensive private library with a rich collection of over 16,000 books, including catalogues raisonnés, monographs, exhibition catalogues and auction catalogues, which enables us to provide cataloguing research in-depth for works consigned to us or purchased through us. In 2009, Blondeau & Cie published the Art Catalogue Index (ACI) the first index of existing catalogues raisonnés on artists born between 1780 and the end of the 20th century.

Over the years, our expertise has enabled us to carry out major private transactions such as:

  • 19th century & Impressionism: G. Caillebotte, P. Cézanne, C. Corot, G. Courbet, S. Dalì, E. Degas, E. Delacroix, P. Gauguin, Th. Géricault, J-A-D. Ingres, P. Klee, E. Manet, A. Modigliani, C. Monet, A. Rodin, G. Seurat, P. Signac, H. de Toulouse-Lautrec, V. Van Gogh ;
  • Modern Art: J. Arp, Balthus, C. Brancusi, G. Braque, A. Derain, M. Duchamp, M. Ernst, A. Giacometti, J. Gris, Man Ray, H. Matisse, J. Mirò, P. Mondrian, P. Picasso ,Y. Tanguy
  • Post-War: C. André, F. Bacon, E. Chillida, D. Flavin, L. Freud, D. Judd, , E. Kienholz, Y.Klein, F. Kline, W. de Kooning, S. Lewitt, A. Martin, B. Newman, G. Penone, J. Pollock, R. Rauschenberg, G. Richter, M. Rothko, R. Ryman, R. Serra, N. de Staël, C. Twombly, J. Tinguely, A. Warhol;
  • Contemporary Art and Emerging Art: A. Abdessemed, T. Donnelly, W. Guyton, M. Kelley, M. Kippenberger, J. Koons, L. Lawler ,S. Levine , D. Maljkovic, B. Nauman, A. Oehlen, R. Pettibon, R. Prince, J. Shaw, A. Twombly.

Through our longstanding relationship with our former partner in Paris Etienne Bréton, we can propose works from the 14th to the 19th century. Etienne Bréton has helped many important French and international collectors to acquire major old masters and has generated important network with French, European and North American institutions.

Blondeau & Cie